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  • Public Training Programmes.
  • On-Site Training at Customer Location.
  • Training Needs, Analysis & Certification.
  • Content Development & Customization.
  • Remote Lab Services.
  • Individual Workshops & Coaching.
  • Consulting Services.


Connecting Your Business To The Technology Resources You Need.

We are working with the top performers and 90% of our relationships and more than 4 plus years old.

  • Single Sources for executive and delivering services on all India basis
  • High Performance team.

We are among the top performers among all the clients categories we are currently working with.


  • Instructor Led Training/Virtual Training/Web based Training Programmes.

  • Customized training delivery at any location in the world.

  • Customized content to meet exact Client Requirement.


  • Delivery and Management of complete training assignment.
  • Pre-assessment and analysis.
  • Development and implementation of training agenda.
  • Curriculum and content development.
  • Delivery of training programmes, global roll-out.
  • Quality control and reporting.
  • Post-assesments & Scheduling of events


  • Staffing Solutions
  • Recruitment
  • Corporate and Professional Training
  • Project Mangement Services
  • Career Consulting
  • Soft Skills Training


I feel this consultancy have benefited a lot, as they suggest or give reference to the top most companies. We get good opportunities to attend the interview. Consultancy people are very friendly and they provide guidance.
- Rashmita.V

GLBC consultancy has made such a good event by conducting the job tests and make students to get job and get well settled. So we are very happy and thankfull to the Consultancy.
- R.Smitha

GLBC thank you for giving us an opportunity to participate for companies. Faculties are comfortable to communicate because of their friendly nature. I got lots of courage to face the interview.
- Suchitha.K.V

It was like Golden Lion. Personally i feel this consultancy is a fortune for many freshers like me. Placement Training is very good and job opportunities are provided very easily.
- Akarsh.P.V


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  • Innovation at GLBC

    GLBC is constantly always searching for a new and better ways to solve all our client problems and build stronger and better businesses. From our beginnings, innovation has been core to our work culture. It guides us as we partner with our customers & clients to pioneer new ways to harness technology for business benefits. Our Innovation is always the engine that powers our performance. To keep that engine in perpetual motion, our strategically cultivate innovation throughout our organization.

  • GLBC Customer Solutions

    Day to Day increasing all our Client’s & customer loyalty takes more than great products and services. Knowing how to deliver a superior customer experience cost-effectively is critically important and increasingly challenging as organizations interact with greater numbers of customers and prospects through ever more varies communication channels To keep work pace, forward-thinking organizations are rethinking their business plans, reinventing their organizations and rewiring their operations to become more agile and performance-driven in given task. To stay competitive, it has become mandatory for our organizations to provide an exceptional customer experience.

  • GLBC Approach

    Our approach to all our client’s & Customers is always a Business Transformation begins with great collaboration between Client’s team and ours team to define the project and program. Our transformation approach ensures that you achieve the step change that you’ve identified as critical to continued prosperity and growth in all the sector .We then inject pace and drive to design and implement the program, and deliver lasting improvements to business performance.

Golden Lion Business Consultants

The name itself tell all about us that the business what we diver, what we do is always as pure as gold and The Lion is king of race, Golden Lion is a king of Business. How the king always leads the Globe & one day “The Golden Lion Business Consultants” (GLBC) will lead the Globe & Global Business. GLBC is a global management consulting, Job Recruitment & Placement Payroll services, Corporate Stationery suppliers & services technology services, outsourcing company and etc., with serving clients with a value added result and business services. Combining with an unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions over the globe, and an extensive research on the world’s most successful companies.

GLBC collaborates with clients to help them become valuable and reliable performance businesses with global. GLBC is a multi-disciplinary Business consulting firm focused on assisting individuals, domestic and international organisations achieve sustainable success to our client’s.

We will deliver the results as clients seek, we Increase the capability &pro-efficient of work & our business to our clients, our work culture is to deliver pro-efficient work &business to ours Clients and to the Globe.

Our work management process includes:

  • Building consensus of a common vision on work, and communicating it across the business and client’s over the globe.
  • Structuring and mobilizing the right projects or work streams to deliver lasting business change well face in day to day operations.
  • Marshalling proper resources to engender a can-do culture in an all stream.
  • Aligning people, process, technology and all challenges.
  • Ensuring a coordinated and controlled change program.
  • Driving anticipated benefits post-implementation.
  • With our due diligence we always bring or give a value added results and services to all clients.

Our Vision

  • We believe that only highly motivated, capable and determined people can consistently deliver success. Finding and identifying such people amongst the ocean of available talent is an enduring challenge and not everyone is up to it. This is exactly what we aim to step up to!

  • Our Mission

  • To be the one of the world’s leading professional recruitment and talent management solutions provider by adopting the most stringent and confidential procedures to select the perfect candidates for you. Our goal is to participate in your success by empowering you with people whom you can trust to be your agents for delivery and change.
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